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A general introduction to appraisals is explained on the appraisals page. There we tell you what to look for in a good appraisal. We have gained our reputation through careful, accurate and consistent work. We will not do work that is less than our best. We do not regard the service as casual. We do our work in a serious and professional manner. Our services can be provided while you wait, but not "while you watch". There are two simple reasons for this. At any one time we have jewellery on our premises for which we are responsible. We take the same care with those pieces as we do with yours. People unknown to us are not permitted into the grading area, for security. The second reason is just that no one does their best work with someone hanging over their shoulder, and you do want our best work don't you? Most appraisals are done for insurance: to establish a value for replacement on which your premiums are calculated to provide coverage in the event of loss or damage. These appraisals are calculated at a retail replacement value. In other words, you go into FineRox Jewellers (a good jeweller, not a "70% off" type of store), you see an item, it has a price tag on it. That is retail replacement. Fair market value (FMV) appraisals are done to establish value for the purposes of donation. This represents the price that would be paid by someone who wishes to buy from someone who wishes to sell, both being aware of all the relevant facts and neither being forced into the transaction, time not being of the essence Probate or cash disposal (CDV) appraisals are done to establish value for the purposes of disposition of assets, or for immediate sale for cash. This represents the price that would be paid by a willing buyer to a willing seller as above, but this time the transaction is forced, time being of the essence.

The Diamond Grading Report

This is a document that serves as the "pedigree" of the diamond. It clearly states all the elements of the quality of a particular diamond, including a map of the clarity (called a "plot"). This is done before a diamond is set into jewellery and serves as an absolute statement of quality. There is no value stated on this document.

Coloured Gemstone Lab Report

This report identifies a coloured gemstone, and then clearly states all the elements of the gem's quality. As with the diamond report, there is no value listed.


We are happy to share our expertise on a professional basis as consultants. We have served as arbitrators in disputes between jewellers, and customers and jewellers for both Canadian and international clients. We have acted as expert witnesses in civil and criminal cases before the courts, and we have assisted in business deals involving gemstones and diamonds.


The associates of HWL have travelled the country giving courses for the Canadian Jewellers' Institute (CJI) to retail jewellers and interested members of the public. We have also been involved in gemmology courses through George Brown College and the Canadian Gemmological Association (CGA). Contact us, the CGA, George Brown College or the CJI for more information about specific programmes.